Alan Froggatt

An Integral view to recover blind spots and boost performance

Speaking today to a group of business practitioners and managers, Alan Froggatt of Genratec, outlined an integral map from which to design and approach opportunities, business and blind spots. Read more

Michael Cody

Alan Froggatt is easily one of the most globally influential minds in the evolving art and science of the professional coaching industry. His experience in the maximization of human and organizational performance is second to none. Speaking for myself, I have been nothing short of amazed by his powerful insights, and exceptional methodologies and technologies. Most striking is Alan’s integrity and personal congruency with his mission of reclaiming the coaching industry for professionals. Alan is a shining example of “do as I do”. Everything that Alan touches carries his relentless commitment to excellence. I wholeheartedly endorse Allan Froggatt and know that your organization (and you personally) will gain the clarity, and competitive edge necessary to achieve your greatest potentiality both personally, professionally, and organizationally

Leadership and Opportunity for SME

Alan Froggatt of Genratec, Spoke today to a group of SME owners and key staff. Alan spoke about how the individual pre-disposition of business owners, leaders and staff how that impacted on all levels of business including leadership and accessing opportunity and what they could do to change it.

Alan outlined how each individual has a subjective assessment of themselves, others and the circumstances. This assessment is incomplete and leads to blind spots. One of the remedies is a special kind of attention on the interior.

Each individual has an ongoing conversation in their mind at a subvocal level (the things they think but don’t say out loud). Paying attention to this subjective conversation and asking questions about its propositions allows us to understand it and reasses our approach, and susequently recover what is obscured by these biases.

In the course of business this can lead to a substantial ‘rethinking’ of oneself, others and the opportunities at hand. Many conflicts and obstacles (or their approach to them) are a function of what Alan calls “faulty assessments”. These faulty assessments lead to an approach or plan bound to fail as they are based on this incorrect information. As a leader getting clear of ones biases means you ability to assess (and therefore handle) a situation accurately.

Andrew Guthrie

Thanks very much for the invaluable assistance and learning opportunity you have provided me with during our partnership. I truly believe that my outlook and world-view have expanded through our time together so that I now look at life‰’s challenges and opportunities from a very different perspective to a year ago.

My personal goals are much greater now and my self-imposed limitations much less due to this change in outlook, meaning that it is much easier to achieve those goals. To create concrete returns from these goals, I have learned real skills and habits which I will call on in many different situations going forward ‰ÛÒ skills such as inquiring into the root cause of events to be able to seize a new opportunity, or fully understanding another party‰Ûªs viewpoint and therefore motivations in any negotiation.

At times our discussions have been uncomfortable for me, when you have probed some of my entrenched beliefs, exposing them to the light and allowing me to examine them from a new perspective.

On each occasion I have felt refreshed and somewhat relieved afterwards, having had the opportunity to test each for it‰Ûªs real validity, and re-affirming or discarding it accordingly. The real learning though is in the realisation that I can do this myself, thereby taking control over much of my previous self-limitation. I look forward to taking this on and achieving great things in the future, and will enthusiastically recommend the GenratecåÊpartnership to others who want to generate a fulfilling and challenging life around them. Yours sincerely, Andrew Guthrie Brunello Consulting

John Hansen

Alan has the ability to sense the heartbeat of the business and at the same time observe what is going on in a clear and objective way… Alan is a rich source of gems that really make a difference. The work Genratec does is relevant to companies in start up, those who want to develop their team and those who want to develop excellence. Including companies that want to go past their current plateau of performance and re-invent themselves.

Alan Froggatt, ARK and coaching in 1996

In 1996 Alan was concerned about the issues humanity faces for our collective potential and survival.. He spoke with 384 professionals, university lecturers, GMs, CEO and HR leaders around New Zealand about the state of leadership and foresight present throughout business and insititutions. His dissatisfaction with underwhelming collective response lead him to seek a new way to impact those that lead business and organisations.

Alan Froggatt established ARK learning solutions in 1996. ARK learning solutions became Generatech then Genratec in 2006. Genratec being hybrids of the words “Generative” and “Technology”. This is still important today.

ARK learning solutions was the transition vehicle for what was then a very different kind of work. Alan moved from a full time psychotherapy practice to being a Generative Coach. In 1996 coaching, personal and professional development was not the mainstay of popular culture as it is now. Alan was one of a handful of people exploring this new phenomena called “coaching” and certainly one of the first full time coaches operating in New Zealand.