New opportunities ahead

Research shows you can increase your success rate by up to 76% when you write your goals and your actions/commitments and communicate weekly progress on goals and actions. That's a big number. 76%. Thats worth the time and effort to map out the year.

One of the most powerful things we can do to shape our future is get clear on what has worked and define what we really want.

It might seem blindingly obvious, may even been something that you have thought of before, but only a small percentage of people take real time, sit down, reflect and really think. It can transform their satisfaction, results and accomplishments dramatically.

The ability to shift from reacting against the past to leaning into and presencing an emerging future is probably the single most important leadership capacity today.

-Otto Scharmer

Take just a 10 minutes to define the lessons from 2018 and the goals for 2019.  We have laid it out for you. Write down your accomplishments, insights and goals you have and get reminders to keep you on track.

We'll even send you a reminder of your goals several times throughout the year. Just so you can keep your goals up front.