Mahsa Marks

Genratec Accredited Associate

“Human beings have much more potential than they demonstrate… what if that potential was what your life was about?” Alan Froggatt

Mahsa is passionate about seeing her clients have the lives they want. Her warm and encouraging style coupled with her ability to identify areas for growth is a winning combination that guides and empowers her clients to achieve exceptional results beyond what they perceived possible.

Mahsa has an in depth ability to work across cultures and ages, and to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. She likes to work with individuals who want to realise more of their potential and make a larger contribution.

Mahsa’s coaching practice is built upon a successful career as a leader who brings a real commitment to everything that she does. She sets high standards for herself and expects high standards of her clients. She is focussed, extremely tenacious and driven to deliver.

  • Professional, passionate and motivated
  • Great listener, and empathetic
  • Encouraging, and insightful
  • Committed to developing others
  • Enthusiastic about learning

Mahsa brings a diverse set of skills to her coaching practice. Her career spans all major business functions from governance, marketing, business development and HR through to finance and operations.


Mahsa has considerable experience managing and developing people. Her ability to identify the unique strengths of individuals has lead to her building high performing teams across multiple business functions including, finance, operations, customer advocacy, international marketing and account management.

Mahsa is passionate about unleashing human potential through experiential learning. She has coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial events and programme in New Zealand.


Most recently Mahsa has held a leadership role at a large private tertiary institute developing and implementing significant change strategies to support the substantial growth the organisation is experiencing.

She has a strong ability to remain focused on the strategy while guiding organisations through self-assessment practices that lead to continuous improvement and further success.
Mahsa has an in-depth understanding of various industries including: education; financial trading; interior design, legal, startups.

Mahsa is an advocate for transforming lives and communities through coaching and personal development. She is continuously looking for ways to enhance the social impact of human development on our communities and has a strong commitment to lasting transformation.

Mahsa’s work has taken her across the globe to build new markets for her clients and employers. She’s established new offices overseas and created trading relationships capable of operating across different cultures. She believes that beyond our age, race, gender and culture, we are all human beings capable of far more than we perceive. Our mission is to look inside authentically for what is truly possible.


  • Successful individuals seeking the resources to extend their leadership capacity and to get to the next level of success in their world
  • Individuals ready and willing to look inside, honestly and openly
  • Individuals ready to challenge themselves and interested in building new capabilities and integrate these into their professional and personal lives
  • Influencers; those who can make a profound difference to themselves, their organisations and their communities.
At a Glance Qualifications:
  • Genratec® Accredited Associate

Started with Genratec: 2012