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  • Alan Froggatt
    Founder | Senior Partner
  • Janine Barr
  • Rebecca Mason
    Rebecca Mason
    Senior Associate
  • Debbie Jeffery
    Debbie Jeffery
    Accredited Associate
  • Mary Hancock
    Mary Hancock
    Accredited Associate
  • Heather Bain
    Heather Bain
    Accredited Associate
  • Josie Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Steve Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Mahsa Marks
    Accredited Associate

Genratec Coaching

GML_BrochureHuman beings are designed to grow and learn – Coaching stimulates and channels our ability to demonstrate our potential, our deeper intent, our thinking and our actions.

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Clients Say

  • My coach’s efforts skills and sensitivity has helped me effect a change that has had a major and life changing impact. Delivery of services has been completely professional and professionally complete.

    T Hallett
  • With Genratec distinctions I got clear fast and my project went from stuck to complete.

    Producer/Executive Producer
  • “…The service provided by Genratec has produced outstanding results for me… …I continue to be surprised at the new level of results being provided as a result of the professional coaching partnership… I thoroughly endorse them.”

    Chris B
  • “The workshop produced an interaction between the leader, participants and myself that provided new ways of looking at the way we behave.”

    Louise Byrne
  • From corporate GM of multinational agency to founding my own successful company. Genratec made all the difference.

    Peter M
    General Manager, Advertising
  • I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who is interested in living a powerful and motivated life. In fact I would go as far as to say if that is what you want the best for yourself, you deserve it. It is a gift.

    Geoff Cullum
  • Personally I am stronger in myself, and I am a lot clearer in what I want to achieve… I started investing in the things that I love doing the most.

    Selina Keenan
    Operations Manager
  • I have come to realize that success for me can be and will be far greater than I ever realized and far greater than I can fathom at this moment in my life.

    Kevin O’Shannessey
    Senior Consultant
  • Taking time out to really take stock, talk things through and being honest with myself and someone else has made a tremendous difference.

    Peter Haigh
    General Manager
  • Working with a coach has helped me look objectively at myself, I am able to “see” and process what is going on before acting, comparing to just reacting. That insight started with myself and I am now able to use it in a wider circle with family and friends.

    Felicity Wallis
  • Trust was the most important aspect of my relationship with my coach – trust in their confidentiality, their insights and that they would lead me in the direction that would work best for me.

    Clare Bardsley
    Programme Manager
  • This type of one-on-one relationship is not generally experienced unless you are a top-class athlete.

    Dave Lee

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Individually Tailored

Our training methodology and process ensures each person is engaged with developmental tasks and challenges that expand their capacity.

Unique methodology

Genratec has developed a proprietary methodology over 18 years and thousands of clients.

Focus on Capacity

We focus on integration; Real results in the world. Build skills and new ways of being that make a difference to your core commitments.

Increased Returns

With new capacity comes new value; productivity, innovation and deepening relationships which strengthen revenue- personal and business.

Global Clients

We have worked with over 3500 client from all over the world, each in a one to one, 6 month partnership.

Professional Training

Genratec Coaches undergo over 300 hours of coach specific training and experiential case work along with two professional panels to gain accreditation.