Integrally Informed, Generative Coach Training

What does it take to make a real difference?

Participants in the Genratec® Associates Programme are carefully selected individuals who demonstrate a real commitment to fulfilling human potential.

Imagine a career where every day you have the opportunity and capability to make a real difference at the heart of what individuals, professionals and leaders hold most important.

The Genratec MasterLiving Associates Programme takes the form of a specialised internship designed not only to build theoretical and academic understanding but also to integrate real world skills and knowledge from practical experience. The aim of the Genratec MasterLiving Associates Programme is to prepare and develop coaches that stand out in the general industry and operate at high professional standards.

“One of the most well designed, delivered, professional and thorough coach trainings anywhere.”


Coaches are required to build essential skills and demonstrate their results. We believe that coaching is more than a collection of ideas and techniques, but rather is the real-world application of methodical insight with professional skill; that is to say a true science and an art.

The Genratec MasterLiving Associates Programme provides coaches with the structure to develop the emotional, intellectual and interpersonal foundations essential to professionalism; forge the character expected of a craftsperson through experience. This curriculum is comprised of class-work, individual and group study, ongoing supervision, formative and summative assessments and casework.

On graduation of the programme Associates gain accreditation.

Genratec Associates gain
  • World-class Integral Coach Training
  • Work with leaders in the field
  • Highly respected organisation
  • Integral development
  • Collegial community
  • Formally trained programme leaders
  • Sought-after brand
  • Expert supervisors
  • Recognised training & experience
  • World class business platform
  • Great financial rewards
  • Ability to make a real difference
  • Accredited on graduation

The Programme

Genratec Curriculum

Genratec Model

Of the more than two decades of coaching Genratec is developed a generative meta-model that has provided success in a broad range of applications and thousands of clients.

Integral Theory & Practice

incorporating best practice from top minds on the leading edge of latter stage development, integral theory and application amongst individual performance and community development.

Practitioner Development

A significant focus on the psychological, emotional and interpersonal development of the practitioner through the application of methodologies and interventions with real clients.

The Coaching Partnership

Learning how to develop a solid coaching partnership with the client to be able to get to the things that make a fundamental difference

Design & Delivering Interventions

coaching is not a haphazard conversation. Coaches are trained to understand the context, design and delivery of specific interventions that allow for capability development, progress through developmental tasks, state management of their clients so that they might reach their potential

The (Professional) Business of Coaching

Coaching as a viable professional career requires an understanding of the professional and business aspects of a coaching practice. developing a reputation, positioning as an expert, managing the client acquisition process and creating an effective administration and operations platform for business success.

Client Acquisition & Management 

Genratec is a premium brand that has had over 20 years worth of success along with the brand and materials to enrol clients into our products. This enables beginning coaches to leverage brand equity and position for a quick start to their career.

This, and more, is delivered in over 250+ Hours
Class Study | 90+ Hours Personal Supervision | Monthly Conference calls and hours of self study.