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Coaching, Leadership and Performance Development in a Changing World

Integral Development, Generative Leadership for Individuals, Professionals Executives, Key Teams and Boards. Managing Complexity and Making a Real Difference.

Our work enables individuals, professionals, teams and organisations to powerfully master the issues of direction, communication and accomplishment.

If you’re a on a mission as individual. leader, business owner, board member, team or business, or as an entire organisations then we’d love to talk about your future…

What sets Genratec apart is that we’ve put more than two decades and tens of thousands of hours of research, thinking and practice to develop our technical foundation and our real world toolkit.
That means our unique approach, programmes and events are not your usual platform for integral development, generative leadership, communication and reinvention.

Our work is about reinventing what it means to lead and participate in ones life, business or endeavour. Its about integrating all of ones talents and capacities, about being exceptional, designing a remarkable future and mastering the tools of accomplishment.

  • Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Boards
  • Critical Project Groups

We bring together cutting-edge theory, deep insight, accountability and mastery to make a fundamental shift in your performance.

Our methodology is deeply grounded in an integral approach to human development with a deep understanding in psychology, ontology and applied philosophy. This is designed to create generative capability for professionals and for life.

Each initiative is designed by qualified professionals and delivered via structured training, learning and coaching with quantifiable outcomes.

This focus on integrated, generative learning has clients engaging powerfully with what is possible and effectively creating opportunities for success. Clients achieve breakthroughs in both their internal sense of themselves and external accomplishments as a result of their participation in our work.

Genratec’s Leadership & Coaching Programmes are based on solid methodologies, proprietary technologies and decades of experience.

“I have achieved major milestones – a promotion to a much higher level and a major increase in income – that speaks for itself.” Shannon

With the measurability afforded by Genratec technologies, the focus is on results. This makes it easy for the client to view their pathway to transformation – to learn from mistakes and to build on their successes.

The foundation programme is the Generatec MasterLiving Programme. Genratec coaches qualified to deliver this programme will complete the programme itself as a part of the accreditation process.

The MasterLiving curriculum centers on Genratec’s own four pillars of mastery. These form the foundation of the programme. Clients will develop skills to Clear their path, then Generate, Master and Live their designed future.

Integral Insight, Intervention and Integration

“In other words, the real problem is not exterior. The real problem is interior. The real problem is how to get people to internally transform, from egocentric to sociocentric to worldcentric consciousness, which is the only stance that can grasp the global dimensions of the problem in the first place, and thus the only stance that can freely, even eagerly, embrace global solutions.” ~ Ken Wilber

An Integral approach is one that includes multiple dimensions of an individual, team or issue and brings them together in a structured and unifying way. This is far more than just an eclectic approach. Integral insight starts with a disciplined approach to understand the system of component parts and their complex relationships.

Deep insight into the dynamics, challenge and opportunity of an issue are requirements for designing an effective solution. While understanding and design are critical they are not enough but themselves. The skillful application of design with expert tools and the finesse of an experienced skill set allows for insight to be realised as change or transformation.

For new levels of operating to be sustained they need to be self-reinforcing and have other structures to sustain them. This ensures that any gains are stabilized and integrated.

Generative Capacity

The capacity for any human being to create and accomplish is remarkable yet so often this is not what is demonstrated in the course of life. Our work is built on understanding the fundamental difference been the few who leave a mark of accomplishment and those who merely long for it. We study and contribute with leaders in this feild. We don’t have time for pop-psychology or leadership and management fads.

“Generative capacity” is the capacity to cause; to create. This capacity is the core of our work, (and our name – Genratec is a blend of ‘generative’ and ‘technologies’). It is the result of shifting the context of identity, activity and performance for individuals, teams and projects.  As we train and develop people to master their generative capacity the power, vitality and future comes alive in leaders, board rooms and teams. Accomplishment is a subsequent effect of generative capacity. This has been the most astounding part of our work over the the last two decades .

“Look around you. Everything you see that is human-made is a function of some one, or more, acting from an idea over time. Understanding the power of an idea to bring forth, that is understanding the process of manifestation; of being generative.” ~ Alan Froggatt

Practice, Praxis, Practice

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” ~Ann Voskamp

Practice isn’t all about what you do before you get to the starting line, it’s about what you do every day. Life and business are not about winning once, it’s about being ready, relevant and capable for whatever you’re facing. Ongoing practice is about learning, developing and creating capacity from here on. It’s about engaging with change at a fundamental level and taking your own evolution in hand.

Practice is also about a willingness to start; to participate with the situation in a way that transcends the idea of failure. Practice is the raw material of insight and mastery. Practice means finding out what doesn’t work on the way to finding out what does.