Genratec Partnersand Associates

“The exploration into source of ones being in action is a deep and powerful partnership for leadership.” ~ Alan Froggatt

Genratec Coaches are passionate about personal and professional development

  • Demonstrating a clear talent and skill for creating deep and lasting results for clients
  • A commitment to on-going training within and beyond the Genratec Coach Training
  • Upholding the ethos and standards of the Genratec Code of Conduct
  • Dedicating their professional lives to the transformation of themselves and others

Genratec Coaches are people who have demonstrated a deep commitment to creating decisive and lasting results for their clients. Making a difference for each and every individual.

Our work enables individuals, professionals, teams and organisations to powerfully master the issues of direction, communication and accomplishment.

Each Genratec Coach is trained to deliver specific programmes designed by Genratec. Coaches undergo a rigorous training programme (over 500 hours) and uphold our professional standards including Genratec’s Code of Conduct and our internal Coaches Code. While they are in this training process they are know as Genratec Associates.
Once coaches complete their initial training (they’re always in ongoing development), they are obtain the status of Genratec Accreditated Associates.

There are further levels of Partner and Associate  depending on their training and relationship with our work. The accreditation programmes produce Associates and Partners who have achieved the professional benchmarks required to be licensed to deliver Genratec programmes. Every Genratec Coach has a Supervisor. This relationship further enhances professional development and maintains the coach’s own mastery. Of course the client directly benefits from their coach’s ongoing professional supervision and

  • Alan Froggatt
    Founder | Senior Partner
  • Janine Barr
  • Debbie Jeffery
    Debbie Jeffery
    Accredited Associate
  • Mary Hancock
    Mary Hancock
    Accredited Associate
  • Heather Bain
    Heather Bain
    Accredited Associate
  • Josie Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Steve Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Richard Butler
    Accredited Associate


Genratec Coaches go through hundreds of hours of training to gain Accreditation. The Genratec Partner and Associate structure provides a clear path and recognition of expertise, roles and responsibilities that colleagues and clients can rely on.
Genratec Coaches progress according to training, experience and professional development. Partners and Associates are trained to deliver specific Genratec programmes.

Genratec Partners

Partners are Genratec Coaches committed to forwarding our work.

Partners have furthered their involvement to be recognised not only as licensed practitioners, but as individuals instrumental in the development of the Genratec community. Accreditation is programme specific.

Regional Partner

Genratec Regional Partners are business partners who develop and support the Genratec network and community within their region.

Senior Partner

Genratec Senior Partners are active in expanding Genratec’s work AND lead the Associate Training Programme. Senior Partners may also have involvement with other human resource development within a specific region(s).


Genratec Partners are active in expanding the reach of Genratec’s ethos and technology.

Genratec Associates

Genratec Associates are coaches who are trained and authorised to deliver specific programmes.

Accreditation is programme specific. This means that each Genratec Coach will have been trained in distinctions and technologies specific to each Genratec Programme. For a coach to become accredited in the MasterLiving Programme for example, they must have completed the training relevant to that programme. This ensures that clients are being coached by people who have experienced (and are trained in) the programme that they are about embark on.

Senior Associate

Genratec Senior Associates have earned a license to deliver the specific Programmes and completed the training programme that qualifies them to supervise coaches Senior Associates have an established coaching practice and supervise other Associates in their practice with clients.

Accredited Associate

Genratec Accredited Associates have earned a license to deliver the specific Programmes. Accredited Associates have completed and passed the training programme.


Genratec Associates are currently undergoing the rigorous training and professional development within the Genratec Associates Programme.