Generative Technologies

A powerful approach to a deeply personal issue… Who could we be?

“the problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

The issues are large, the challenges complex, the changes unprecedented. We need new capacities, new perspectives, new thinking in our leadership and leverage in our actions. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If not this, then what? Our work is to support those ready for new levels of performance and accomplishment.

In today’s world, many individuals and businesses are trying to keep up with changes or achieve new levels of performance with old mental models and practices. Simply put, if you want to achieve transformation, you must transform yourself first. That’s the difference with Integral Leadership and Generative Coaching. Or as another great master put it, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Mahatma Ghandi.

About Genratec

Genratec is about fundamental shifts in human evolution; being generative.

We are developing and creating deep shifts in performance, accomplishment and results.

Our work deals with creating these shifts; these leaps . We call our methodology Generative Technologies. We began in 1996 and are constantly evolving through emerging fields of study and the conscious application with clients and projects.

Our Times

We live in challenging times personally and globally. Complexity and change are everywhere. Our awareness and capability needs to match these challenges.

Being generative means being on the front foot with our times, being integral is to have a perspective that can meet the complexities we face.
Genratec is a global innovator in the field of generative coaching technologies. From foundations of excellence in personal and professional development Genratec is both a programme provider and licensing body. It is also an increasingly recognised brand benchmark for personal and professional development. Genratec continues to develop its proprietary technology.
Through ongoing experience and research Genratec:

  • provides a sophisticated global business platform to its partners and associates
  • established a recognised international brand
  • continually evolves our worldclass proprietary technology

Genratec & Generative Results

Through transformational coaching and leadership development, Genratec specialises in providing individuals and organisations with access to new levels of performance and generative competencies. Our Clients, Associates and Partners generate results in their professional endeavors and are ready to achieve real success in developing who they are and where they’re headed.


The coaching profession is making more of an impact on lives and businesses everyday. There are however distinctions in coaching models which should be understood.


Many of todays coaching practitioners practice a form of coaching that is prescriptive. This is where practioners apply models or concepts in a pre-‘scripted’ fashion. These preconfigured solutions often substitute processes for practitioner competence and therefore fail to assess and meet specific clients needs. This approach is an extension of the factory floor or franchise system applied to the personal and professional development of human beings. As a result, people feel that they are an object in a process, that results are limited and they don’t get on a truly transformative track. Often, the experience may be like trying on specialist footwear that just doesn’t ‘fit’.


Genratec designs and creates ‘generative’ personal and professional programmes. Generative technologies focus on the invention of a designed future and then on generating the human capacity to achieve it. Genratec coaches are skilled practitioners trained to calibrate their response to each client individually, providing a far greater likelihood for a snug ‘fit.’ Genratec coaches specialise in seeing into the client’s world, from outside the box. They have an integrative approach (including many viewpoints) and a generative approach (creating new viewpoints and opportunities). Generative coaching starts with a connection to the clients world and an understanding of the obstacles and outcomes of the client. Within this model, Genratec clients learn to: Develop the skills to Clear their path, then Generate, Master and Live their designed future. Read about the Genratec “Four Pillars of Mastery”.

Genratec Four Pillars

Our generative programmes and methodologies hold that our” Genratec® Four Pillars of Mastery ” are an integral path to achieving transformation.

This is a proven, research-led methodology that distinguishes Genratec from other coaching models. The distinction comes from technologies which transcend the limitations of other models and go well beyond the realms of the usual prescriptive boundaries.

We each live our own lives. The makeup of our individual world’s is diverse. Your path to fulfillment will be as unique as your DNA. Genratec Integral Leadership and Generative Coaching offers a transformational opportunity that is personalised to each client. Thus the results that get generated (in partnership with your Genratec coach), will be matched to your world.

The Genratec Four Pillars of Mastery form the framework for generative programmes and methodologies. Each builds on sound principals of personal and professional development, science and art to integrate mastery into life.

Throughout Genratec programmes, clients will work with a coach to develop the following in respect of their designed future: Develop the skills to Clear your path, then Generate, Master and Live your designed future

Vision & Values


Genratec is committed to positively shifting the fabric of our world from reactive to inventive, so that people may master their world and achieve maximum fulfillment.


Create a powerful connected community of exceptional people that achieve unprecedented results in transforming lives.


Our focus is on what our customers value most in relationship with us:

Generative Technologies

We create generative technologies that shift us beyond ‘one size fits all’ models that merely “prescribe” to integral models that create.

Transformational Results

We believe in people, building and changing lives and organisations for the better – to shift personal and professional evolution to completely new realms.

Powerful Relationships

We believe in shifting communication capability to new levels through powerful relationships deeply rooted in integrity and trust.

Inventing New Ground

We generate a culture of inspiration so that others may shift their lives and break new ground according to their dreams.

Benchmarking Excellence

We demonstrate a commitment to shifting coaching dynamics to new benchmarks in excellence and service innovation.