Coaching for Professionals

The Genratec MasterLiving Programme is:

  • A one-on-one professional coaching relationship (coaches are trained by experts in their field)
  • A proven structure including methodologies and outcomes (Over 3800 successful clients)
  • Core methodology unique to Genratec (Developed over 25 years of experience and innovation)
  • The capacity to master fundamental skills for accomplishment

The Genratec MasterLiving Programme helps clients achieve a designed future for themselves and those around them.

Put another way – the future is yours to design and the Genratec MasterLiving Programme provides the platform and encouragement to generate it.


What is really possible?

DEEP DOWN WE KNOW WE ARE CAPABLE OF MORE.  This potential for evolution is a part of who we are. Human beings are designed to grow and learn – Coaching stimulates and channels our ability to demonstrate our potential, who we are, our thinking and our actions. When we choose to back that potential we each have then we engage with what might really be possible and we can create a blueprint for change in accordance with our dreams and desires.


CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION IS POSSIBLE. In nature the blueprint of a butterfly is contained in the cells of a caterpillar. For the caterpillar that cannot transform into anything but a butterfly, we human beings have a choice in our evolution.

Working with Genratec is about designing our own extraordinary blueprint. It gives us the focus we need to step out of unhelpful patterns and achieve new results with the support of an ally to encourage our transformation. Genratec Coaching provides the opportunity to design and create who you become and what happens next.

We have choices in life. We can choose to activate our own evolution at a conscious level at any time we like. This ‘choice’ to design our life, is a remarkable opportunity not be wasted for a minute.

When we choose to live our life on purpose the results can be as colourful and extraordinary as this fascinating metamorphosis of nature.

The Programme

Why MasterLiving?

You will learn to master your own world. You will learn to develop the capacity to create the future you want.

  • Think about your relationships, career, finances, health and family… all those things important to you.
  • What does your ideal future look like?
  • What qualities would you like in your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues?
  • What are your values and how do these contribute to the ultimate blueprint for your world?

This programme gives the means with which to master all aspects of your personal or professional life. Your coach will guide you through a process of defining which are the most important dimensions of your world.

During the course of the Generatec MasterLiving programme you will design your future according to what is most important to you. Clients, with the help of their coach, will define a key project which may be in any area of life (personal or professional) which they choose.

It may be commercial, for example achieving a new promotion or inventing a business opportunity. It may be family oriented, for example creating more quality family time and achieving a work-life balance. It may even be spiritual. Or it could be a blend of all that is most important to the client.

The key thing is that the Generatec MasterLiving programme will give you the capacity to thrive in your own life. You will grow and develop that which you hold most valuable, personally and professionally.

When clients are enrolled and participating in this programme, they develop capacities to respond to the circumstances of their world with power and effectiveness.

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  • Alan Froggatt
    Founder | Senior Partner
  • Janine Barr
  • Debbie Jeffery
    Debbie Jeffery
    Accredited Associate
  • Mary Hancock
    Mary Hancock
    Accredited Associate
  • Heather Bain
    Heather Bain
    Accredited Associate
  • Josie Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Steve Fitzhugh
    Accredited Associate
  • Richard Butler
    Accredited Associate

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