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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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Genratec is the proprietor and developer of specialist methodologies and programmes only available to carefully selected licensed Associates and Partners of Genratec.

A professional community of global practitioners is building around the world. An accreditation programme maintains core ethos, values and trains professionals in the technologies and programmes that make up the Genratec offering.

Clients benefit from an internationally benchmarked curriculum whilst being able to also participate in a community through on-line forums and other global opportunities.

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Community Groups

  • Members – like minds
  • Practice & Interest Communities
    • human development
    • leadership
    • entrepreneurship & startups
    • business
    • foresight
    • economics
    • and others
  • Genratec Clients – ask questions and share experiences
  • Genratec Alumni – Grads, extend and accelerate your learning and development
  • Genratec Associates – mastering the tools of transformation
  • Genratec Partners – leading new frontiers
  • Genratec Regional Partners – global change agents


Client only Section

In this section of the website our valued Clients will find materials and information for participation in the Genratec programmes and events in which they are enrolled.

The materials in this section are exclusive available to Genratec Clients.

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The Genratec client section contains further articles, information and resources for client development.
These materials here to assist client engagement, reflection, thinking and capacity to generate new levels of results and satisfaction.

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Genratec Events

Genratec Public Events

Learning is not something done once (hopefully). For those seeking personal, professional, leadership development which makes a real difference Genratec provides an array of events designed to expand your game.

Genratec Study Series

No pedestrian ideas, no generic techniques, no clichéd concepts.

Each event in the Genratec Study Series investigates a topic, resource or area in a specialist way so as to create significant leverage. Committed Individuals come together for this unique professional development format.

Genratec Alumni Events

We have over a thousand individuals from all walks of life who have participated in our work. Each has something in common – the commitment to grow and develop. These events connect and continue Alumni development.

Genratec Specialist Events

From time to time we gather together individuals with specialist interests for a dialogue on important issues of the day. These can be global or regional, industry or cross-disciplinary, social or economic…

“There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” –
Margaret J. Wheatley