Janine Barr

Genratec® Partner

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”. – Alan Watts

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • 2002 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Supervisor Internship
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Senior Associate
  • Genratec® Partner
  • Dip Tch., Cert NLP Prac. (Bus Comm)

Started with Genratec: 2000
Coaching Clients: 12035.5 Hours
Training And Supervision: 4649.5 Hours


Telephone: +64 21 373 268

PO Box 302803, North Harbour

Auckland 0751 New Zealand

Janine’s warm, vibrant style creates an enriching experience for clients. Her insightful delivery of the MasterLiving Programme allows clients to experience a greater sense of purpose and clarity with what matters most.

Janine Barr is a Partner and Regional Licensing Director with Genratec®, providing professional development. She is well known and highly respected for her enthusiasm, power and warmth in coaching. An insightful and trustworthy coach, Janine creates a powerful partnership with her clients to invent new ways of being more, creating results beyond what they previously thought possible.

High Caliber Client

She has been successfully providing high quality coaching and leadership development to hundreds of select clients in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada since 2000. Among her clients are CEOs, C-suite executives, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals committed to a path of learning and self discovery. Janine has worked with clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Janine is keenly interested in working with clients committed to transforming their current limitations through the development of skilful communication in both one’s personal and professional life. Janine believes that with training and education, nearly all communication can be transformed.

Since 2004, in her role as Senior Associate and later as Partner, Janine has been successfully training and supervising coaches.

Regional Partner

Janine is Licencing Director for Genratec® (NZ) Ltd, the Genratec® Regional Partner for New Zealand and has leads the development and progress of the organisation in her role as Licensing Director, providing support for coaches in New Zealand.


As a Genratec® Partner, Janine provides our Associates and Accredited Associates with the personal and professional development for maintaining a powerful practice along with the professional supervision to ensure the best service to clients.

Programme Team

Janine was a key member of the Genratec® MasterLiving Programme development team. Janine provided a significant contribution to fitting Genratec®s technology into the structure of the present day client programme.

  • A dynamic and insightful coach, that clients quickly warm to
  • Professional and dedicated, with decades of experience
  • Commitment to clients transforming communication in business and life
  • International training, coaching and speaking experience

With a career history rich in business, investment and training, Janine brings her depth of experience and knowledge to aid her in her work with clients.

With a background in business ownership, education and investment, Janine has continued to progress these ventures whilst maintaining her coaching practice.


Janine is no stranger to asking clients to expand their capacity, it’s something she asks of herself regularly. Modelling how to implement the Genratec coaching technology Janine, together with business partners, created a property investment and management company.

At its peak, it maintained a portfolio of 38 residential homes in New Zealand. This business purchased millions of dollars worth of property, within a five month period, generating several million dollars profit at purchase (and again later at sale). This included the project of purchasing a street of 28 new homes to be built in Auckland, New Zealand.

International Training & Development

Janine has worked with international property guru Robert Kiyosaki (author of international bestselling book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’) throughout NZ and Australia, managing staff of up to 50 at investment events, with participants in the thousands.

She was invited to share her property experiences in Sydney and Adelaide with Robert Kiyosaki in front of several thousand people. She has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America in a commitment to extending her training and development in this arena.

Janine maintains a variety of business interests including licensing, property investment and promotions.

Commitment to Our Future Leaders

From 1999 to 2003, Janine was contracted to present a national programme in conjunction with one of New Zealand ‘s largest companies, focusing on business and its potential as a life choice for 16-18 year olds. Building strong role models, providing opportunities and passing on experience and wisdom has youth high on her future agenda.

Her talent and experience in communication, people and performance management is in demand and an integral strength for audiences, clients and business partners alike.


  • 2002 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Supervisor Internship
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Senior Associate
  • Dip Tch., Cert NLP Prac. (Bus Comm)

Strong entrepreneurial and investment interest and skill.
Creative and Inventive approach to problem solving.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you” (Rumi, 13th-century Persian poet)

My vision, my hope, is simply this: that individuals come to a place within themselves to see their primary role in life to advance themselves through communication. For human beings on the planet to distinguish themselves as more than consumers of material products and services and that the human spirit is fulfilled in a meaningful way.

When people distinguish the path they will take for themselves through this work, they come alive; they are lighter and gain more joy from simple things in their everyday lives. I get to work with extraordinary people, creating real results everyday.

Clarity of Purpose

When clients have a genuine and committed focus on vision, values, communication and relationships at all levels of organisational and individual life, they cut through this myriad of confusing information to what is fundamentally important.

Such definition creates a greater ability for further levels of competence, potency and effectiveness to arise. Janine believes that we need to ask ‘what is fundamentally important’ to know what to focus our time and our resources on… because in the end our focus determines our destination.

Ideal Client Attributes

Ambitious people with an ambitious project that they want to bring to fruition
Those who are curious about what their world could be if they could generate their ideal future
People ready and willing to learn new competencies and integrate these into their personal and professional life
Those who are seeking the resources to get to the next level of success in their world
Young people seeking to enter the world of business and/or leadership

Clients are selected on their level of commitment to living their potential. They are ready to be bold and authentically committed to a powerful future that they will invent and accomplish.

Guy Rodgers – I have departed from the programme with direction, a sense of determination to achieve and I am no longer drifting aimlessly…What I actually ended up learning and getting out of coaching is far more than I ever hoped for.

Dave Lee – This type of one-on-one relationship is not generally experienced unless you are a top-class athlete. Director

Garth Hill – At the age of 24 I enrolled in the coaching programme with little direction as to where I wanted to take my life… Just two years later… my wealth creation is starting with financial freedom a certainty.

Sarah Ensor – I’ve developed strategies for working through problems, whether business or personal, and I’m more able to cut through the noise – the chatter of ego, fear and resistance of each of the other people in the game – and get to the underlying issues. General Manager

Felicity Wallis – Working with a coach has helped me look objectively at myself, I am able to “see” and process what is going on before acting, comparing to just reacting. That insight started with myself and I am now able to use it in a wider circle with family and friends. Kristin Johnson As a result, I am making better choices, am managing to accomplish more than I was before and I feel more in control. The dream hasn’t changed – it has just become real. General Manager

Tina Mathieson – …when one of the projects which I have worked on for six years came to fruition, it was an extremely satisfying achievement. Jay Harrison Coaching has given me the tools to be more powerful and clear in my business life, assisting me in creating my personal vision and a platform for growth. Director

Carol Carr – My results support that shift as I move forward to achieve my sales targets for the quarter. I am on track to generate excellent additional commission over and above my required base amount. Real Estate Agent

Pip Caldwell – I have created a solid foundation from which to live my life moving forward giving a sense of empowerment and freedom. I am now living a life I have chosen which is a life I love.

Diana Parry – My Genratec partnership has given me the confidence and courage to step up and do many things I would once never have believed possible. CEO Kate Kelly I am now much more relaxed and open to opportunities and open to making opportunities for myself. I am now much more confident in my own value for who I am and not just the work I do. Sue Coyte My sessions were thought-provoking, insightful and fun, and were the driving force to my gaining clarity of my life purpose and creating a way to act on that. Barbara Johnson My training (with Genratec) has strongly enhanced my ability to take charge of my own life and live it on my own terms. It has given me tools to use in relationships, in planning, and in living my life in a fulfilling and honest way. Director

Shannon McInnes – The benefits from this programme have been immense. The Genratec partnership has provided me with a platform to develop my professional performance and get clarity with what really matters. Di Bluck My Coach would often give me a reality check when I needed it – which was great, because at times I did! My Coach was also able to see the boundaries I placed upon myself and was able to stretch me in a way that I felt safe. Mentor Co-ordinator Nicholas Jury This change in perception of how I viewed the world and those around me allowed incredible growth, confidence and success in not only my personal life but also my business life.