Rebecca Mason

Genratec Senior Associate

Rebecca Mason is known for her dedication and loyalty to her clients and the work. Clients trust her to challenge them to be the best they can be.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” Seneca

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca, Genratec Coach, brings a combination of insight, feedback and commitment to her coaching and, as a result, clients achieve solid and far-reaching results in all areas of their lives.

Rebecca Mason, a Senior Associate with Genratec, has been providing professional coaching partnerships since 1999. In that time she has worked with upwards of 250 people across a wide variety of industries and roles and has completed over 7,200 hours of coaching.

She has gained a solid reputation for her dedication, loyalty, and insight. Clients report that they achieve far-reaching results in all areas of their lives, including a greater understanding of themselves, more fulfilling relationships, more productivity and greatly improved business results.

Business Experience

She works with CEOs, Company Owners, General Managers, Managers and individuals who want to realise more of their potential and make a larger contribution. She likes to work with influencers – those who can make a profound difference to themselves, their organisations and their communities.

Several companies have contracted Rebecca to work with a number of managers at a time, building a momentum in results which has been seen as very beneficial.

Senior Associate

As a Genratec® Senior Associate, Rebecca provides our Associates and Accredited Associates with the personal and professional development for maintaining a powerful practice along with the professional supervision to ensure the best service to clients.

Rebecca was a key member of the Genratec® MasterLiving Programme development team. Rebecca provided a significant contribution to fitting Genratec®s technology into the structure of the present day client programme.

  • Solid reputation  as a Genratec Senior Associate
  • Commitment, loyalty and dedication
  • Clients trust Rebecca to challenge them to be their best
  • As Senior Associate, successfully supervised coaches since 2004

Rebecca’s background is in education, business and human resources management. She has been a Senior Manager assisting a company from incorporation to high profitability and been Acting Chief Executive on a number of occasions.

Rebecca’s background is in education, business and human resources management.

In the role of Human Resources Manager she assisted the senior management team of an educational publishing company to go from incorporation to a highly successful business with multiple revenue streams and a successful export component.

She has also managed a large team and been Acting Chief Executive on a number of occasions.

A common theme in Rebecca’s background is working with individuals to be their best, and her current delivery of professional coaching partnerships is the most powerful expression of this theme in her career.


  • 2002 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Supervisor Internship
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Senior Associate
  • B.A., Dip Teach, Dip HRM

Background in education, business and human resources

Management of a large team

A history of working powerfully with individuals

The basis of Rebecca’s philosophy of coaching is that everyone is capable of far more than we currently realize or have access to. Through this philosophy of coaching, Rebecca will expect her clients to be their best.

The basis of Rebecca’s philosophy is that everyone is capable of far more than we currently know or have access to. So coaching is first a process of finding out what each person deeply desires, not just what they’re settled for or pay lip service to. She believes that we often don’t even realise that we may have give up on our true potential or deepest desires.

Building on this first phase, the second phase of coaching is to find out what gets in the way for people in articulating what they deeply desire and then taking actions towards that.

Through this philosophy of coaching, Rebecca will expect and hold her clients to be their best, even when they don’t know that they’re able to. She believes that if coaches accept second best from their clients, no real change can take place.

Ideal Client Attributes

  • Willingness and hunger to learn
  • Is a leader or shows leadership potential
  • Has the willingness and ability to influence others
  • Is taking on a large project or entering a period of challenge and growth

Peter Fraser
Having a coach simply put, just made me better, having belief in me when I didn’t, I was coached to think big…. really big!, to overcome every problem/issue I had and provide me with the tools to overcome any that may arise in the future.
Regional Sales Manager

Heather Bain
The delivery of this programme and the Genratec technology by my coach was extraordinary and unlike anything else I have ever experienced.
Marketing Specialist

Rich Fraser
My relationships and commitments to my partner, other people and myself are stronger than ever before and I am confident that I am going to be as successful as I dreamed I would be.
Property Manager

Ann Pomeroy
Having a coach meant that I’ve become more focused and rigorous in keeping to task…. My coach helped me identify what was holding me back, and gave me the tools to grow and achieve my goals.

Mary Hancock
I have experienced this as a unique relationship with someone who provides accurate impartial feedback that I can trust and which then enables me to view my life clearly and powerfully.
Executive Coach

G Salmon
Working with my coach has given me a high level of close, unbiased, professional support. And honest; I can fool myself sometimes, but I can’t fool my coach.
General Manager

Tyrone McAuley
Through coaching I feel that I have really started to unlock some of my latent potential. I’m doing the things that just used to be ideas rolling around in my head and have now, as a result of coaching, become a reality. I have matured as a person, a husband and a leader. I have much more clarity around what my future holds and more confidence as a result.

My leadership has improved significantly. I feel like I bring my whole self to the workplace and am able to build strong and trusting relationships with people. I’m much clearer about what I want to achieve and much more able to get people on board with that.
Operations Manager

Natasha Mackie
Having someone in my corner, backing me to win, has really made a difference to my achievements…. The little things don’t get to me as much!

Clare Bardsley
Trust was the most important aspect of my relationship with my coach – trust in their confidentiality, their insights and that they would lead me in the direction that would work best for me.
Programme Manager

Peter Jenkins
I now leave work at the end of the day with a real sense of completion and achievement.
Club Operations Manager

Tui McBeath
Because of my coach’s commitment to me and their first rate skills, my life has improved in every area – work, home, family, friends, finance, leisure!
Branch Manager

Jacqui Randell
How fantastic is it having a coach?! Someone who you trust. Someone who works with you to bring out your fullest potential, encouraging you every step of the way. I knew right from the outset that my coach was in my corner…
Regional Business Centre Manager

Michael Fraser
My coach was impressively attuned to focus on an authentic visionary context for me… The coaching process clarified the characteristics of who I was in greater depth than I have before. This exploration facilitated a programme of work that I now find truly satisfying.

Mark Stephens
Every teenager, young adult and adult should have access to the principles taught throughout this programme.

Through my coach’s extraordinary coaching, I began to see the limiting thoughts I had formed. I was given a framework for distinguishing these from truths and with my coach’s help, I unearthed deeply held beliefs that were holding me back. In doing so, I freed up options for my future – my career, my personal growth, my relationships and my own happiness.
Project Manager

Nicholas Westwood
The practices and techniques of the Coaching have made a real difference in my ability to see my future self, develop my goals and build stronger relationships.

Gill Palmer
Genratec didn’t just scratch the surface, it went way, way under. That is a challenge, but it’s a challenge my coach encouraged me to take. And the results have been just as deep and long-lasting.
Principal Advisor

Tyrone McAuley
Before coaching I would often let my work consume me. I now have much more balance and prioritise the rest of my life more effectively…. I now feel more capable and confident of my future as a result.
Company Director

David Caselli
The whole experience has been enjoyable and enlightening. I wish Genratec every success in contributing to the betterment of New Zealand’s leaders.
Company Director

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • 2002 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Supervisor Internship
  • 2004 Genratec® MasterLiving Senior Associate
  • B.A., Dip Teach, Dip HRM

Started with Genratec: 1999
Coaching Clients: 12436 Hours
Training And Supervision: 3366.5 Hours