In 1996 Alan was concerned about the issues humanity faces for our collective potential and survival.. He spoke with 384 professionals, university lecturers, GMs, CEO and HR leaders around New Zealand about the state of leadership and foresight present throughout business and insititutions. His dissatisfaction with underwhelming collective response lead him to seek a new way to impact those that lead business and organisations.

Alan Froggatt established ARK learning solutions in 1996. ARK learning solutions became Generatech then Genratec in 2006. Genratec being hybrids of the words “Generative” and “Technology”. This is still important today.

ARK learning solutions was the transition vehicle for what was then a very different kind of work. Alan moved from a full time psychotherapy practice to being a Generative Coach. In 1996 coaching, personal and professional development was not the mainstay of popular culture as it is now. Alan was one of a handful of people exploring this new phenomena called “coaching” and certainly one of the first full time coaches operating in New Zealand.