Heather Bain

Genratec Accredited Associate

Heather is passionate about empowering individuals to expand their creativity and choices. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Heather Bain

Heather is a dedicated professional, passionate about individuals achieving their full potential. Her enthusiasm and drive for excellence enables her to encourage and challenge the people she works with to achieve their potential.

Heather’s career to date reflects a highly motivated individual committed to succeed. She has demonstrated her competencies in a diverse range of operations from her doctoral studies to holding key roles within large multinational corporations in the dairy and healthcare markets, and most recently by playing a pivotal role in a biotechnology start-up.

Big Picture, Fine Detail

Heather’s strength is her ability to both see the big picture and to focus in on the fine detail.
She is at ease with individuals from different cultures, ages and backgrounds and thrives on exploring the diversity and learnings of these interactions.

She believes that people are capable of far more than they perceive. Through inquiry and implementing the insights they gain, individuals can access their full potential.

  • Professional, passionate and motivated
  • Driven to faciliate others to excel
  • Integrity, and compassion
  • Desire to learn and improve

With a background in science, research, sales and marketing management, Heather brings a diverse range of skills to her coaching practice.

Heather is a dedicated individual, who is a perceptive and effective communicator. Her ability to understand, develop and share her insights with individuals both in a personal and corporate environment is one of her core strengths.

Because of her passion to make a difference to individuals, Heather has developed innovative campaigns in the health arena specifically targeted to empower individuals and provide them with choice.

Relationship Building

Her career to date has spanned a diverse range of roles in science, research, sales and marketing management. Her considerable experience in building and sustaining business relationships, coupled with her listening skills has enabled her to develop a strong business acumen within corporate and start up businesses.

Heather is accustomed to working within organizations facing ongoing growth and organizational change. She is experienced with change processes and organisations striving for improvement.


  • 2007 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2009 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)
  • Strategic thinker with strong leadership qualities
  • Personal interests in people, cultures and languages

Heather is a highly successful individual with a passion for sharing and supporting people to achieve their life’s ambitions.

Heather encourages new levels of freedom through increased choice, inviting individuals to be the catalyst in their own lives, to make a difference with those they care about, their communities and the world in which we live. Her personal philosophy is simple; to challenge worn out ideas and to establish new ways of being so that people can become extraordinary, and live life fully.

Ideal Client Attributes

  • Successful individuals seeking to broaden their horizons and extend their leadership capabilities
  • People who are ready to step up and go beyond the limits of their personal history to create new outcomes and a greater sense of fulfillment
  • Individuals seeking to build new capabilities and integrate these into their professional and personal lives

Brendan Jarvis
The benefit of working with my coach was the knowledge that whatever I wanted to discuss, whether it be personal or professional, if it was getting in the way of my vision, it was a safe space to explore these things. My coach never gave me any answers, she didn’t try and advise me, instead she asked the right questions and backed me even when I wasn’t sure if I backed myself.
General Manager

Radford White
My coach showed me the difference between being ordinary and taught me how to reach extraordinary. My time with Generatec has been full of amazing results.
EV Development Manager

Katrina Walker
Through deeper learning about myself I forged a new path for my life

Daniel Aicher
The clarity that comes with knowing that I can change my life is truly an amazing insight. It gave me the courage to commit myself to the things that are truly important to me.
Senior Partner

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • 2007 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2009 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)

Started with Genratec: 2005
Coaching Clients: 6573 Hours
Training And Supervision: 1245.25 Hours