Josie Fitzhugh

Genratec Accredited Associate

Come on a journey to discover the best version of yourself. Learn what you are capable of. Deal with the gaps in your performance. Break away from those old habits that hold you back. Go out and accomplish great things. -Josie

Josie brings an engaging style and an astute mind to her coaching practice. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and clients are encouraged to enjoy their personal development journey.

With a background spanning public relations consultancy, copywriting and leadership coaching, Josie has been bringing out the best in businesses and individuals for over 18 years. This eye for greatness gives clients confidence and support as they move to accomplish their goals.

Josie has been a consultant for most of her career, working with an incredible range of people facing very different issues. From advising organisations on how to develop their staff in-line with the Investors in People standard, to working with major corporates as a senior manager in a large UK public relations firm, she has helped people and businesses through times of crisis, and seen them reach great heights.

Along the way, she has earned a reputation for being a trusted partner, and being both thorough and astute when learning about her clients and the issues that they face. Her warm, engaging style helps people rediscover their sense of purpose. And her energy and enthusiasm gives them the support to break away from their current state, and build greater capacity to accomplish more at work or at home.

Josie’s coaching practice builds on her experience as a corporate communications consultant working with directors, senior managers and business owners in both the UK and New Zealand. She has held senior roles in major UK PR firms, and ran her own copywriting and PR business. Josie has worked with clients across most sectors from professional services to manufacturing and property.

Having spent much of her career in public relations and corporate communications, Josie has worked with an enormous range of people and businesses. She has worked with clients across almost all industries including law, finance, engineering and property. This variety makes her highly skilled in uncovering issues, building relationships and managing reputations. But perhaps the most valuable skill is her ability to do all this with warmth and enthusiasm.

A former senior manager for one of the UK’s largest PR companies, Josie has spent considerable time working alongside senior managers in major corporates. From lobbying the UK government to crisis management and PR strategy, she handles complexity with tremendous sensitivity.

When she moved to New Zealand in 2009, she chose to build her own public relations and copywriting business and engage more closely with small business owners.

Regardless of the size of company, the issues at hand, or the sector concerned, people sit behind every business. And it is the people that Josie finds particularly fascinating. Learning more about them and giving them the support they need to thrive underpins her work as a leadership coach.

We live in a world of possibilities. And yet almost all of us carry around a deep sense of resignation.” Peter Senge

I’ve lost count how many times people have told me that they don’t do anything special, or that there is nothing particularly interesting or different about their business. They tell me that they are just the same as anyone else. But I disagree. Everyone has a unique story to tell. We all have within us the capacity to do great things.

This capacity to invent, build relationships, raise children, create change is fundamentally human. Yet so much of this capacity is buried under the day-to-day lives that we busy ourselves with. It is stifled by our fears of getting things wrong or our tendencies to drop back into living a comfortable and familiar life.

Being a generative coach gives me the chance to take people out of this drift and let them see what might be possible. Clients develop new ways of being, and different ways of thinking. They discover new strengths that propel them forward to make positive changes right across their lives.

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • Genratec® Accredited Associate
  • BA (Hons)

Started with Genratec: 2012