Mary Hancock

Genratec Accredited Associate

Mary Hancock possesses intuitive understanding and maintains a loyal regard for clients.

Mary Hancock

Mary Hancock is passionate about seeing her clients have the lives they want. Her ability to stand alongside her clients’ potential provides a platform for them to succeed.

Mary’s work reflects a desire to see others grow. Attentiveness, keen perception and clear thinking comprise the qualities she brings to coaching. Her considered approach offers a solid path to enduring change. Mary’s strength as a coach stems from her proven insight and an ability to provide accurate, impartial feedback. These qualities support her clients’ success.
Extending Capacity

Her key skills encompass a solid understanding of the Genratec coaching methodology and an ability to apply it with empathy and power.

She believes people are capable of far more than they first realise and, with desire and knowledge, everything is possible.

  • Professional, insightful and skilful
  • Committed about developing people
  • Solid understanding of the programme
  • Enthusiastic about learning

With a background in the corporate arena developing people and leading a range of initiatives, Mary brings a depth of management experience to her coaching practice.

Mary’s career thus far spans fifteen successful years working in the corporate environment. An ability to lead characterises her work.

Developing People

She has considerable experience managing and developing people, setting strategic direction and implementing information management solutions. Her most recent role was Senior Manager with Deloitte, where she developed a high performing team delivering a range of services tailored to the business, including research and analysis, training and providing input into strategic programmes.

Management Experience

She was responsible for a successful intranet redevelopment project and consolidated two information centres into one, creating a national, centralised service. Her range of experience encompasses participation in both national and global initiatives resulting in company-wide business benefits, including cost savings and best practice initiatives.

She has a sound understanding of a diverse range of individuals and groups.

Strategic Thinking

Mary has combined a strong ability to develop people and a focus on strategic thinking in all the projects and the teams she has led. Her personal vision is to make a contribution that benefits both her clients and the wider community.


  • 2005 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2007 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • BA in Psychology
  • Proven experience developing the strengths of others
  • Strategic thinker
  • Leadership and project management skills

We owe it to ourselves to demand our best and live the life we desire.

Mary is convinced that coaching provides people with the opportunity to be their best and affect the world around them in positive ways. It is something she experiences both with her clients and personally every day.

Her belief is that we owe it to ourselves to demand our best and choose how we want to live our lives. This may be a sense of purpose and excitement about the future, enhanced relationships with family and friends, more confidence and effectiveness at work or something always longed for but considered out of reach.

The value of learning about ourselves and how we operate in the world is immense. Her aim is to ensure that her clients get to experience the power, joy and learning available through extending themselves through coaching.

Ideal Client

  • Demanding of yourself and your abilities
  • Entrepreneurial, innovative and motivated
  • Interested in own learning and development

I found the Genratec coaching model had a clear structure and method for allowing me to see new opportunities and ways of approaching situations. The coaching provided me with the opportunity to identify what really was important to me and what I needed to do to achieve it.

Fiver Locker
I have realised there are things I can do that I didn’t think I could – coaching has given me a new and clear focus on the future.
Film Maker

Richard Bodman
I was able to achieve change, focus on planning the future and successfully close an event that had a significant impact on my life. That would not have been possible otherwise…you can plan for the future and not just live it.
Managing Director

Phil McCaw
The relationship provided me with a unique opportunity to work on me. Unique because it’s something I’ve never done before. From the get go my coach has been in tune with me – able to draw out the issues that challenge me, help me develop insights into what drives my behaviours and reactions and how to unblock these far more effectively.

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • 2005 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Programme
  • 2007 Genratec® MasterLiving Associate Accredited
  • BA in Psychology

Started with Genratec: 2005
Coaching Clients: 4986.75 Hours
Training And Supervision: 1054.5 Hours