Steve Fitzhugh

Genratec Accredited Associate

With a little pressure carefully and deliberately applied in exactly the right way, your life can be transformed. In much the same way a Judo player throws his opponent, deft moves and skill allow you to use the weight of life to create a new future for yourself and live it fully and with passion. ~ Steve

Steve wants to create lasting change in the world. He believes everyone has the capacity to do great things and through coaching he helps people see the possibility around them.
Through actively listening he is able to generate insight and clarity which creates a space for his clients to grow. Steve’s clients are reassured by his calm approach but also challenged by his ability to shine new light on areas previously hidden.
He believes that through fostering collaboration and showing people that there is a kind of complex beauty in seemingly ‘normal’ every day situations, people will be more likely to work together to achieve amazing things. Steve has chosen to coach with Genratec after experiencing the power of the programme himself and recognising that applying the Genratec approach can make a true difference in the world by helping people be the best they can be.

Steve has over 16 years experience in software development and IT management in large organisations. Having held multiple senior management positions he is experienced in project delivery, people management and team development. The diversity of his experience ranges from small international specialist firms through to large, complex retail businesses, such as Asda Wal*Mart in the UK.
During his career, Steve has had a number of roles both in the UK and New Zealand. These include periods in executive team management, project management, team leadership and software development. Most recently Steve managed upto 60 direct and indirect reports. Steve has worked for a range of different organisations including consultancy and software product development, as well as technology departments in large corporates.
Steve has worked across many industry sectors including: insurance; retail; rail industry; financial trading; automotive; e-commerce; media; telecom

“A fish has no idea what water is because it is in it all the time. The same is true of humans and language” Language is so defining for people and is the key thing that separates us from other intelligent species. Through using language precisely in time and place we can create moments of leverage that truly transform an unremarkable, unsatisfying existence into a life led with purpose. A life in which we make a difference in the world, a life to relish and be truly proud of.

At a Glance Qualifications:
  • Genratec® Accredited Associate


Started with Genratec: 2014