Genratec History 20 Years

2016 Two Decades of Service

20 years of Leadership Development since our inception.

2014 Genratec Coach Training Intake

Next version of the two-year Genratec coach training with a greater emphasis on integral informed methodology and generative foundations.

2013 Entrepreneur Development

Startup Weekend New Zealand has more events per head of capita than anywhere else in the world.

2011 Supporting Entrepreneur Development

Philanthropic work supporting Startup Weekend New Zealand

2009 USA Coaching

Alan Froggatt spent time with Blair Singer, Janye Johnson and Kelly Ritchie in Phoenix Arizona working and coaching with staff and partners of SalesPartners. While in Phoenix Alan was invited to the RichDad video conference with Kim Kiyosaki, staff and Richdad Advisors.

2009 - 2007 May Coaching Intake Graduates

2008 Genratec Study Series - Synchronicity and Leadership

Offered in several cities, GSS Synchronicity and Leadership explores the domain of being, generative leadership and synchronicity. Individuals engage together to make a fundamental shift, expand their worldview and open up new paradigms for accomplishment. Integrating the distinctions from this event will provide access to a new way of being and creating results.

2007 May Coaching Intake

2007 intake into the two-year Genratec coach training programme

2007 - 2005 May Coaching Intake Graduates

2005 May Coaching Intake

2005 intake into the two-year Genratec coach training programme

2005 July Generatech became Genratec

In 2004 we saw the need to develop a collective brand umbrella for individual coaches so that there was market recognition. We evolved the brand and business further and in 2005 relaunched under Genratec.  

2004 April V2 Coach Training Programme

The foundation program became a two-year  professional coach training under license integrating not only coaching technology but business and practice development.

2002 ARK became Generatech

ARK learning solutions became Generatech, a hybrid of the words "generative" and "technology".  This better reflected the core proposition of the proprietary methodology being developed.

2001 July V1 Coach Training Programme

Created the foundation program to train coaches in the methodology and application of our growing body of experience.

1998 Training Coaches

A number of individuals intending to be practitioners gathered together as a cohort for training in our proprietary methodology for human development and leadership

1998 public presentation on 'The Coaching Wave'

Presentation on the growth of coaching and what it means for business. The rise of the Coaching 'Wave’, types of coaching and the differences.

1997 Original strategy

It became apparent that leadership was in poor shape and the solutions were inadequate for the challenges and opportunities humanity faces