Genratec History

Major historical milestones and inflection points of Genratec as it has developed and grown.

Genratec Coach Training 2014

This intake celebrates the ten year anniversary of training coaches to deliver the Genratec MasterLiving Programme.

Genratec Coach Training 2007

The first workshop of the June 2007 intake of the Genratec MasterLiving Associates Programme began on the 21st of June and concluded at the end of four very full days on the 24th. This is the third such Associate Programme provided by Genratec.

Genratec Coach Training 2005

The second Genratec Coach Training in May 2005 with participants from New Zealand and Australia

Coach Training for GML programme 2004

The inaugural Genratec Coach Training of the Genratec MasterLiving Programme got underwayApril 2004 in Auckland New Zealand.

1998 Public Presentation on “The Coaching Wave”

Alan Froggatt presented “the Coaching Wave”, a Public Presentation to over 80 people in Wellington covering different types of coaching including Technical, Motivational, Goal-based and Generative coaching.

Coach Training Workshops 1998-2003

The first Coach Training workshops started in 1998 on invitation to a small collective in Wellington New Zealand.