Genratec Study Series

Synchronicity & Leadership

Despite endless talk, the being of leadership is still one of the most rare and needed qualities in our businesses, communities and personal lives.

Genratec Study Series Overview

The Genratec Study Series is an opportunity for like-minded, committed individuals to come together in a unique professional development format. Working together accelerates learning, insights and integration to make a fundamental shift in development. These shifts greatly affect the day-to-day experience of life and work. That is what these events are all about.

Synchronicity and Leadership

This event explores the domain of being, generative leadership and synchronicity. Individuals engage together to make a fundamental shift, expand their worldview and open up new paradigms for accomplishment. Integrating the distinctions from this event will provide access to a new way of being and creating results.


Generative Inquiry and Context

Mastery is more than a casual engagement. It requires genuine insight and command within a specific area. To reach beyond the clichéd thinking and the shop-worn stereotypes requires a different set of tools and a different kind of involvement with the topic. The Genratec Study Series provides participants with an opportunity to develop deep insight through a structured inquiry into the topic itself and the forces that underpin the topic. Understanding context allows for the sort of penetration of the topic that is required for mastery. This level of engagement and a commitment to applying these insights makes a difference to real world issues and practical concerns.


The starting point for each event is a carefully selected resource. This event uses the book “Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership” by Joseph Jaworski as the starting point. This resource details one man’s journey from traditional business and professional life to a fundamentally different way of being and leadership. Along the way, Jaworski deals with some very human challenges and encounters some great thinkers of our age. His experiences lead him to articulate principles of leadership that transcend common ideas and lend themselves to a new view of leadership.

Participants are required to have read this book prior to arrival. The ideas contained within this resource will serve as the staging point for a structured inquiry into some important and unique perspectives on being a leader.

Collaborative Style

For over a decade our work has been dealing with the concerns people have about their life and work. Some of these are everyday concerns and others have been lofty concerns about the world and the human race. We have heard some things consistently over that time. One of them is a desire to connect with like minds and like spirits. The Genratec Study Series is an opportunity to connect with others who share similar values and perspectives about their lives, their work and their future. The Genratec Study Series brings together essential issues, a structured process and a genuine group committed to study. This is a unique opportunity for development.

Unique Format

Much of our education is reading or listening to others’ points of view. We often settle for the ability to repeat others’ thinking as our own rather than creating a genuine relationship and penetration into the nature of the topic. The common lecture style is a very useful format for the transfer of information and ideas. However, when it comes to providing people with the sorts of insights and capacities that create transformation, it is just the wrong tool for the job. The Genratec Study Series is a unique format with a clear design and a structured process. The process means that participants engage powerfully with the topic. The Genratec Study Series actively engages participants at a deeper level to create an energetic and genuine investigation of the topic that leads to a real shift in capacity.


The Facilitator of this series is Genratec Senior Partner Alan Froggatt. Alan has over 23 years of study, training and experience in human development and potential. Alan is trained and qualified in multiple change disciplines and is the founder of the Genratec proprietary methodology. His practice includes providing Genratec’s work to clients, business people and boards along with Genratec practitioner and supervisor training at Associate and Partner level.

Registration Information

Event Fee

$889.00 with discounts for public, Clients, Alumni, Associates and Partners with promotional codes.
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Event Fee includes both event days, lunch, and Genratec Study Series community site access.

Dates and Registration – Closed

Each city is a separate event and is over two separate days listed below. The times for each day is from 10am to 6pm each day and lunch is included in the price.

Please note Auckland and Wellington events are held on two non-consecutive days.
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From Synchronicity: “…we need to be open to fundamental shifts of mind. We have very deep mental models about how the world works, deeper than we can know. To think that the world can ever change without changes in our mental models is folly.””Operating in this different state of mind and being, we come to a very different sense of what it means to be committed.””When this new type of commitment starts to operate, there is a flow around us.”


Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, individuals and professionals; those with a genuine commitment for the larger issues of creating a future, leadership and accomplishment.

This event explores the domain of being, generative leadership and synchronicity. Individuals engage together to make a fundamental shift, expand their world-view and open up new paradigms for accomplishment. Integrating the distinctions from this event will provides access to a new way of being and creating results.

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