Genratec Coach Training 2014

This intake celebrates the ten year anniversary of training coaches to deliver the Genratec MasterLiving Programme.

An Integral view to recover blind spots and boost performance

Alan Froggatt of Genratec outlined an integral map from which to design and approach opportunities, business and blind spots for business practitioners and managers.

Leadership and Opportunity for SME

Alan spoke about how the individual pre-disposition of business owners, leaders and staff how that impacted on all levels of business including leadership and accessing opportunity and what they could do to change it.

Auckland Executive Club “Building Value Communities”

Alan Froggatt of Genratec speaks on ‘Building Value Communities’. Knowing and understanding that building value communities will come about through responsibility and leadership is vital to the success of business, professional & personal life.

Reaching for the ‘next step’

New Zealand Herald interviewed Alan Froggatt, Genratec Senior Partner for an article on Executive Coaching in the Careers Section of the NZ Herald.

Emotional Intelligence

Alan delivers an interactive introduction to emotional intelligence. Communication, leadership and accomplishment can excel through understanding, practical tools and a little myth busting.