Building Value Communities

Alan Froggatt speaks at the Auckland Executive Club

It is possible to give up ‘good’ and to generate ‘great’. To let go of what is merely ‘working’ in life, for what ultimately is your best and to master your world.

Alan Froggatt of Genratec, as featured in the New Zealand Herald, is July’s expert speaker, talking to you about ‘Building Value Communities’. Knowing and understanding that building value communities will come about through responsibility and leadership is vital to the success of business, professional & personal life. This is not the ‘out in front’ version of leadership that we are most familiar with. Most people have no idea about real leadership. They are too busy with the cliqued versions such as people who market themselves as leaders or achieve some sporting status. These individual focused pursuits are not what we will discuss at July’s get together, but something far greater, more fundamental to the success of each individual, responsible leadership through Building Value Communities.

Mastery is key to leadership, it is that exceptional (and achievable) level at which we awaken dormant talents and generate capacities to evolve to completely new realms. In shifting the fabric of our world, Alan together with his organisation Genratec, aims to create a groundswell of extraordinary individuals who cause a powerful and positive effect in society. For as Theodore Roethke puts it: “What we need is more people who specialise in the impossible”.

Alan Froggatt is the founding author of the Genratec methodology and technology. Alan focuses his significant formal qualifications and skills; Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Integrative Gestalt and Transpersonal Psychodynamics, (qualifying at the time as New Zealand’s youngest at 26). He has formidable clinical and private practice experience and successful business application accumulated over the last 23 years, bringing these together into a proprietary blend of methodology and processes. His clients number among the ‘whose-who’ within leading companies within New Zealand & Australia. He has come to be known as a leader of coaching and leadership, straight speaking and genuine about his commitment to human excellence.

His growing passion for realising human potential fuels Genratec’s commitment to a new era in professional coaching. Alan is a New Zealander who travels extensively lecturing on personal and professional development and is described as an enigmatic force on the coaching podium.