Alan Froggatt


Through coaching I have moved from being uncertain of what I want to do in my working life to having a new commitment to my role and career.

Jay Harrison

Coaching has given me the tools to be more powerful and clear in my business life, assisting me in creating my personal vision and a platform for growth.

Mahsa Marks

This workshop is a great platform to learn, understand and really grasp the dept of integral and developmental theories and models. It allows the trainees to work through their own developmental stages as well as training on how to work with clients.


Startup New Zealand

Startup Weekend New Zealand

Genratec has been an avid supporter and sponsor of Startup Weekend New Zealand events supporting the art and science of innovation, developing talent and teams to meet the challenges of our global markets and the future.

Genratec’s own founder Alan Froggatt was instrumental to forming and is a founder of Startup New Zealand and has provided support, advice and directorship for Startup Weekend New Zealand since the inaugural event in April 2011.

Startup Weekend New Zealand has seen more than 45 events between 2011 and 2016 and New Zealand quickly rose to be the country providing more Startup Weekends per population than any country globally. This was due in large part to a core national body coordinating talent, sponsorship and direction. It is one of the largest and diverse entrepreneurial networks in New Zealand with those involved totalling several thousand including graduates, mentors, organisers and sponsors of the 54 hour event

Marcus Kohn-Taylor

Synchronicity & Leadership Study Series is a terrific forum for creating new thinking about yourself and your life that you can effect immediately.

Peter Fraser

Exceeded my expectations. Synchronicity & Leadership Series will open up your eyes and get you thinking outside the box.

Vanya Pyne

Immense value. From the level of inquiry to actual tools that can be used in daily life. Synchronicity & Leadership Study Series was empowering and open my eyes to possibilities in myself and others.

Tyrone McAuley

If there is something you’ve been passionate about but haven‰’t done anything about it -then this is the key that opens the door. Synchronicity & Leadership Study Series was a fantastic, rewarding, am lifting an extensive experience. It is wonderful to connect with others who can communicate at this level.