Alan Froggatt

Ginny Baddeley

Ginny Baddeley

I was accepted for the April 2004 intake of the Genratec MasterLiving Associate Programme, a programme which is incredibly well structured and professionally operated. Not only does it teach the ‰content‰, but also the principles of running a business. I have learnt an enormous amount and the benefits are evident in all areas of my life. As a client I gained enormously from my weekly consultations, but the Coaching Programme has allowed me to develop a greater sense of the distinctions and the value of the coaching relationship. A significant value for me has been the coaching community I am now part of ‰and unlike traditional communities, where there can be a competitiveness, there is an honest desire for success for all. I have been part of communities before, but have always remained an individual now, my coaching community provides an opportunity for real collective engagement and growth.‰

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca Mason

This was transformational – the excellence of the resources used and the depth to which they were explored was a testament to the extraordinary qualities of the Genratec MasterLiving Associate Programme. If you really want to take your development to the next level and make a difference to yourself, your communities and beyond, this programme is for you.

Mitch Olsen

I felt inspired to put thoughts and feelings to paper after our wonderful conversation earlier this week. And this is not something I am prone to doing, which speaks of the impact of the hour or so we spent in dialogue. The essence of this letter is a big thank you for your skilful intervention and well-placed words, which seemed to hit a spot I had forgotten was there. I was repeatedly impressed by your apparent effortless capacity to bring forth not only the perfect thing to say, but also in it’s capacity in turn call forth in me what needed to be acknowledged.

The “what is important” that was sitting just below the horizon of my awareness, which you helped me to see. Surely this is the greatest gift we can give each other as human beings. You have a true gift as the coaches coach. Thank you for your skillful intervention… I am repeatedly impressed by your apparent effortless capacity to say the perfect thing.

Thank you once again.


With Genratec distinctions I got clear fast and my project went from stuck to complete.

Carol C

The benefit I obtained from the training was immense and I understand why Genratec is a market leader in the coaching industry.