David Maida, an independent journalist for the New Zealand Herald interviewed Alan Froggatt, Senior Partner for an article on Executive Coaching in the Careers Section of the NZ Herald.

The interview included conversations about getting to the heart of the matter in regards to leadership and communication, developing internal resilience as the foundation to being a solid professional and the importance of a personal and professional “north” built from reflection on “who am I?”, “what really motivates me?” and “Where am I going?”

The article focuses primarily on the first step of the Genratec® ‘Four pillars of Mastery’ of the Genratec® MasterLiving Programme.   It is important to clear those things that impede us as well as take time to skilfully design those that will take us forward. Then we can work in our own best interests to accomplish what is most important to us.

The New Zealand Herald Weekend, 04 Aug 2007. Career Front page